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09-01-2012 London to Cape Town Rally Enkele sprokkels van andere websites

Sommige deelnemers laten niet na om commentaar te geven over "the professionals".
Hieronder een samenvatting.

# 23 Steve Blunt – Subaru Impreza


Then there are the professionals. With an almost unlimited budget and a beautiful hand-built car worth well into 6 figures, they have matching jackets and are often found huddled together discussing tactics, tyre choices and various pieces of intelligence gathered on the next day's events. Individually, they are perfectly pleasant but they are men on a mission. They have another competitor vehicle acting as their service barge (which is legal - you just have to buy 2 entries) to carry spare everything so they want for nothing. Accordingly, they are the ones to watch.


So, still 3rd but 4th has dropped 10 minutes back - still nothing in Africa where hours are dropped rather than minutes. But watch out for that Belgian 911 - up to 10th and no expense spared to catch us minnows after they messed up on the first day in Kent.

#35 Alastair Caldwell – Porsche 912


Solid competition going on in the Tuthill 911 cockpit too, as Joost and Jacques have moved up to 8th position overall and third in class. The 911 set FOUR fastest times on today’s six stages: a very impressive result and great validation of Tuthill air-cooled preparation. Gotta love this shot of wheel off and an empty wine bottle: Crew 45 seems to have a good balance of work and play!


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