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11-01-2012 London to cape Town Rally Joost en Patrick bestolen

Dat ze het in Saudi ArabiĆ« niet zo nauw nemen met eigendommen van anderen hadden we niet verwacht.  Zopas vernamen we dat er in de auto van Patrick en die van Joost enkele spullen verdwenen zijn.  Zo is Patrick zijn nummerplaat foetsie en is Joost zijn Yellowtrack device en een zonnebril kwijt.  En neen, de dieven zijn niet zo rap dat ze er al mee aan de andere kant van Afrika zitten, dit was waarschijnlijk toevallig.  Hopelijk is de dief niet te dom om de yellowtrack aan te laten staan, hij zou wel gemakkelijk terug te vinden zijn.  We weten dat ze in Saudi ArabiĆ« niet mals zijn voor dieven.  Kappen ze immers hun hand erniet af?
Onze man in de koers zal ons wel meer info geven over dit incident.

Op de website van Steve Blunt is er ook al melding van poging tot diefstal. Zie hieronder.

We stopped for petrol at a station slightly off the main road and the car soon attracted a group of about 10 young boys of about 10 or 11, most wearing either Chelsea of Man Utd shirts but who spoke little English. After filling up and visiting the facilities (a kind of open plan WC arrangement) we were pulling out when a small boy running alongside and smiling knocked on the window and shouted "f*** you, f*** you", smiling all the time and pretty clearly not having a clue what he was saying. Probably thought this was goodbye in English. When we got to the hotel, we could see that someone had had a go at trying to pull the rear rally plate off...

The cars are all parked outside the hotel with the police in attendance. There are about 100 teenage lads, some in the tarted up cars zooming up and down. Any crew that leaves the hotel is inundated by the lads for photos and to point to their cars and pose with them. There are also a number of dads with their sons showing them round the cars. One told us it was 25 years since he saw rally cars like this in Saudi and he wanted to show his son as his father had taken him to see the cars then. Everyone says "Welcome to Saudi Arabia" and is very friendly.


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